Siblings Doula Services

Birth is a magical time, but for some, it can also be scary and confusing. Just like grown-ups, children may be worried about seeing a parent in pain or, they may be startled by the different sounds. With a skilled doula with extensive childcare experience (including children with diverse needs), they will be reassured and guided on the big day. Once hired, we are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you don't have to worry about calling Grandma at 3am. 


Meet and Greet

Our first meeting is a free consultation so that you and your child/children can get to know me as your potential doula. More importantly, we will make sure we get along well with your kids. During this time, please bring forward any questions you may have. 


Learning and Preparing

Once you have decided to hire us as your doula, we will spend an hour and a half at your house, the park or any place of your choice, so that we can learn more about you and your family. During this time, we will discuss the family birth plan and prepare the children for labour. At the end, we will make a small gift for the baby(ies). This session will vary depending on your kids' age, needs, and abilities. 


Labour and Birth

When you are in labour, we will come to meet your family at your home, in the hospital, or anywhere else we may discuss. If you plan on having your children present at your birth, we will make sure that they understand their role in labour and delivery. Regardless of whether or not your children witness you give birth, they will be taken care of and emotionally supported. If you'd like, we can also take photos throughout the day/night.




  • 1 face-to-face visit to get to know you

  • 2 or 3 virtual visits (dependent on your child's needs)

  • In-person care during your Labour and Delivery (up to 24 hours of continuous care on the birthing day until partner returns or an alternate arrives)

  • Lending library to help prepare your older child

  • On call availability 

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