Fiona Galvani, CD(DONA)

I have been supporting families through birth for 15 years. Initially, when my own children were still quite young, I started attending the births of friends and family members and have been able to provide support to both the mother and her partner. When a mother is given the tools that she needs to manage labour, when she and her partner feel empowered to make decisions that are in theirs and their babies best interest, when they know that they have someone who is there just for them, they are better able to navigate the challenges and possible obstacles that may emerge. With each birth I have learned more about the beauty and strength of the birthing mother and have been continually amazed by women’s instincts and their innate ability to understand what their bodies need in order to birth their babies. For me, being present at the birth of a child, being able to support a family as it is being born is the highest honour.

My husband and I are the parents of 10 children. The oldest three children we gave birth to and the younger seven joined our family through adoption. My family are a tremendous support to me in my role as a doula.

Jaimie Morrison, CD(DSA)

I am North Shore born and raised, and have two children, aged 5 and 7 years. I had my own doula throughout both pregnancies and births, and I felt very supported and empowered by her. Both of my birth experiences were incredibly positive. She then encouraged me to consider becoming a doula myself, and we are now vast friends and business partners.

I love working with expectant and new parents, and making such a difference in this time of their lives. My unique blend of professionalism, honesty and humour brings families plenty of reassurance – and laughs! I take immense pride in seeing mothers and fathers become excited and confident about their pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum weeks of parenthood. Pregnancy and birth should hold positive memories, as they are the most cherished and beautiful times of your life.

Jaime Walker, CD(DONA)

Being born and raised on the North Shore, and now raising my own children here, this community means a lot to me. The health and wellbeing of moms, babies and families is what drew me to become a Doula and I feel passionately about helping a mother come into her own and feel confident. I have always been drawn to bellies and babies and feel I’m at the perfect time in my life to support, encourage and empower a new mom and a new family. I know firsthand the experience of not having my own choices listened to and my goal is to ensure that a mother and her partner come away from their birth feeling empowered and satisfied.

I have taken both my birth and postpartum doula courses through DONA International. I want to help support mothers in their preferred maternity care choices, whatever that may be, and to provide the best care for the individual family. I feel very privileged to work closely with families during such a meaningful and momentous time in their lives. Labour and Birth is an unfamiliar time, I’m here to provide a safe environment, a reassuring presence and hopefully, we have some fun along the way as this is a moment you will remember forever.

Lauren Salmon, CD(DONA)

I became a birth doula after the miracle of giving birth for the first time.  It was when I understood the value of support and assistance in pregnancy and labour.  As a DONA certified birth doula, I have the honour to serve as that support person for new moms and families.  My role as a doula is to help guide a pregnant woman and her partner to the find the information they seek, help uncover her ideal birth, and provide unwavering support to achieve that ideal birth.  Confidence, empowerment, and lots of love are important elements to a positive birth experience that is what I help foster at each birth I have the pleasure to attend!

Hailing from California, I'm thrilled to have lived on the North Shore for nearly four years with my husband and three kids.  Aside from birth and babies, I love beach days, cooking and entertaining, exercising, and exploring the city with my family.  

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